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#5 How to get out of the Canyon

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How to get out of the Canyon

This figure is one of the first panels encountered by a traveler coming down a wash in the Colorado River and heading east. At this point on the trail a traveler might wonder whether he should go upstream or downstream in order to get out of the Canyon to head east. At this point opposite the Wash there is a big rough mountain that would be difficult and time consuming to climb. This figure gives the traveler the information he needs to know. Some symbols on the west face of this rock (not sketch) can be seen from the river to attract a traveler up to the rock. The information about the direction he should go is on the north face of the rock as you look south. Since you are facing south as you view the rock the information pertains to traveling south from here.

This figure is basically of a large figure with one leg shorter to show that he is climbing up to the east. This panel at glance therefore gives the traveler the information he is seeking in order to know which way to go to climb out to the east. The rake like symbol describes the landmark to look for when you come to the place to climb out. The rake represents anything that comes down in a broad movement like rain or rocks. This symbol is in the attitude of falling and touches the hair which indicate black. It is also above the head to indicate above. The sign to show that it is rocks in the stone hammer in the act of coming down that extends from the man’s arm. Overall, these symbols in conjunction with the figure says “climb up out where the black rocks have fallen above.” It does not become visible until you get near this exit canyon.

The tall symbol to the left of the figure lets the reader know the writer is breaking off from telling what is a long way down the river since he is only discussing the trail up out to the east. Any long symbol means a long ways or time. The information on the sketch gives other pertinent instructions contained on this panel. I didn’t draw all the symbols on the panels discussed, only the symbols I could read. The sketched are not to scale and are copied from old photographs. LM


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