Historical Preservation

Help bring awareness to one of the historical events written on stone in Parowan Gap, Utah.

Paiutes have known about this historical records of a long migration that had happened in the past. This journey was well known and is also written in various locations among other tribes on stone and handed down from generation to generation as a major historical event.

This long standing historical events and the true meaning written on stone is now being replaced by archaeoastronomy/archeologist theories as being a solstice panel/site and now have summer solstice event to bring awareness to their ideas and ignore why this story was placed in "Gods Own House" as the elder Paiutes called the Gap. (No names are mentioned so as not to bring fame to those seeking to change the past)

Local Paiute officials have had a hand in bringing this awareness to light by making the needed changes in the kiosk to highlight more the Paiute's knowledge of the original story and to bring awareness that the archaeoastronomist/archeologist views is a recent theory not based off of tribal input but his/their own theories.

BLM did reach out to the tribe and asked for their help in writing the kiosk information and giving the tribe more input on the final results.

Government to government involvement is key in getting tribal awareness on land issues, culture properties & historical preservation.

Below is a portion of the story explained and put on the Kiosk.

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