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#6 Hot Springs

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This panel is a description of where hot springs are located along the river. The sun symbol is used to represent “hot” and the symbol for coming out is used to represent a spring which is basically what both the Hualapai and Paiute words mean in denoting a spring. There are several hot springs upstream some distance before you get to the dam. Rock one describes two of them and rock two gives information on a landmark at one such hot springs. This landmark is the symbol for rapids which is water running over rocks. The snake-like symbol above the rapids in the sketch represents the Colorado River. The barring arms on the left end of the snake indicates a person with outstretched arms like someone would do in order to stop a horse from running past him. It can mean go no further, no trespassing and similar things. The hot springs symbol is just above both the river and rapid symbols. This information gives an accurate description to the location in Arizona. You are looking east as you face these two panels so they are not facing north in the direction of the springs. However, another rock a foot or so to the right does face north, and it has a hot springs symbol on it to give the reader the right direction.


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